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You will find below content I produced in the past related to start-ups. All documents have been uploaded as pdf to Slideshare and Scribd. But you can email me if you want the powerpoint versions.
You will find below
– a summary of the book
– data on equity sharing in start-ups
– data on venture capital
– data on universities and start-ups
– data on Stanford university spin-offs and serial entrepreneurs

Visual summaries of the book Start-Up.
Long version

Short version

Chapter 1 is about the Google Story.
Here is a slide visual version.

Equity in start-ups
How is equity split between founders, investors, managers?

Examples of equity structure through many, many cases of IPOs

Venture capital
Economics and process

A short history

Universities and licences to start-ups
The rules and some examples

More about intellectual property

Stanford University and its spin-offs

A study on serial entrepreneurs from Stanford-related start-ups

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