Street Art in New York

It was just time to create a specific page for Street Art in New York. Not that I am a specialist. There is just too much in the city. But with Invader, Banksy and now REVS, I have enough content to create a dedicated page. I begin with REVS and you will find below my archives about Banksy and then Invader.

I recently discovered that Wave 7 of the invasion of New York by Invader was a tribute to REVS. He talks about it in an article in the newspaper Le Monde published in January 2021: Le street-artiste Invader sur les traces de REVS dans le métro de New York (translated as Invader in the footsteps of REVS in the New York subway tunnels.)


REVS is an unclassifiable street artist, with a multifaceted work. I encourage you to discover him, starting with his Wikipedia page or this short video.

I (we with Kapuchka since 2021) am specifically looking for any archive about his 235-page diary in the New York subway during 1995-2000. Help needed!

Graffiti in the 70s and 80s

Today graffiti, or at least street art is fancy. But initially it wasn’t. Martha Cooper’s photographic work is probably the greatest account of this, in particular through a book Subway Art. Check Arte’s video Martha Cooper – Icône du street art by Selina Miles. Not sure if this documentary will be available for long. If it is not available you may want to check on Facebook Arte’s Tracks short video.

You may also want to read from the New Yorker’s July 8 & 15, 2019 Issue Basquiat’s Memorial to a Young Artist Killed by Police, subtitled Distraught over the death of the graffiti artist Michael Stewart, he repeated, “It could have been me.”


My interest for Street Art began with Banksy’s performance in New York in October 2013 (see here). He created one piece a day during that month. Here is my pdf about Banksy in New York.

He is nearly as famous for selling or even giving his art in the streets in NYC on October 12, 2013:


I first worked on Invader in New York in 2015 in New York. So here are some of my archives:

Wave 7 in the NY underground

You may want to check my pdfs about street art either on Slideshare or Scribd.