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My interest for Street Art began with Banksy’s performance in New York in October 2013. I then discovered that Space Invader had invaded Lausanne, Geneva, Bern and Basel in Switzerland. During that period I became aware of beautiful mirror mosaics randomly placed by Gilles Pandel in Pully, near Lausanne.

To look for Street Art is a strange quest. It reminds me of a magnificent quote from James Salter in A sport and a pastime, about which I also enjoyed the translator, Philippe Garnier, at the Michalski Foundation (near Lausanne). See (in French) “I see myself as a double agent, first on one side – that of truth – and then on the other, but between these, in the reversals, the sudden defections, one can easily forget allegiance entirely and feel only the deep, the profound joy of being beyond all codes, of being completely independent, criminal is the word. Like any agent, of course, I cannot divulge my sources. I can merely say that some things I saw myself, some I discovered, for after all, the mutilation, the delay of as little as a single word can reveal the existence of something worthy to be hidden, and I became obsessed with discovery, like the great detectives. I read every scrap of paper, I noted every detail. Some things, as I say, I saw, some discovered and some dreamed and I can no longer differentiate between them. But my dreams are as important as anything I acquired by stealth. More important, because they are the intuitive in its purest state. Without them, facts are no more but a kind of debris, unstrung, like beads. The dreams are as true and manifest, more true perhaps. They are the skeleton of all reality. I am the pursuer. The essence of that is I am the one who knows. But still it is far from even. To begin with, no matter what I do, I can never uncover everything. I can never anticipate; it is he who moves first. I am only the servant.” (Read in the french Version – Page 75, Editions de l’Olivier, 1996 and then found online):

Finally if you want to know even more you will find an audio exchange (in French) from December 2021 with Smy who has a podcast about Space Invader. Click on Already Flashed n° 7 – Interview RVLeb

You will find more in my posts in category Street Art and I also uploaded my pdf summaries on Slideshare, as well as some Scribd when Slideshare did not make possible the updating/reloading of files. Here are some presentations.

Gilles Pandel in Pully – who is also a photographer (check here).

I added in September 2021, a page about Land Art thanks to my discovery of the artist SAYPE

Banksy in New York

Banksy in Paris in 2018

Space Invader in the world

A new (and final?) synthesis in January 2017

updated in January 2018

and again in December 2018: A synthesis of Space Invader new works in 2018. Can bew viewed on Slideshare or Scribd.

The 2019 synthesis

The 2020 synthesis

The 2021 synthesis

My missing pieces from Invader as in 2021

The 2022-23 synthesis

More post articles from Space Invader deal with in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Swiss towns (Lausanne, Bern, Basel, and Geneva), Brussels and Grenoble and my Slideshare documents are here (including Ravenna, Bastia). I got a message from the Invader team in June 2015. They complain about the high rate of destruction of their works and asked me to hide as much information as possible about the location the Invaders. My maps are therefore now private and my pdfs much less informative. Sorry for this and good luck to those who look for them just to shoot pictures…

Finally art web site Artsy asked me to add here a link to their page dedicated to the artist, here it is: Artsy’s Invader page.

Here are by alphabetical orders the cities I explored (virtually, i.e. online)

Africa (Mombasa, Grumeti)

Aix en Provence




Updated in 2020 on Scribd



Updated on Scribd





updated in 2021






Cap Ferret


Cologne (Köln)

Cote d’Azur




Edinburgh (a clone not Space Invader)


Fontainebleau & Versailles





Hong Kong

Indian SubContinent (Varanasi, Dhaka)



La Ciotat


A more recent version on Scribd


(see the second wave in recent invasions)


Los Angeles

updated in November 2018

updated in May 2019

Wave 10 in November 2018

An update with Wave 9 in May 2018

A focus on Wave 9 with 29 pieces in May 2018

the Exhibition at Moca in 2011




Marrakech – Rabat (Morocco)


Mediterranean Sea (Eilat, Faro, Grude, Menorca)




New York

Wave 7 in the NY underground

Nimes – Perpignan

Northern Europe (Rennes, Nantes, Lille, Antwerpen, Charleroi, Visby)

updated in 2021 with new images of Rennes, Halmsatd

Northern United Kingdom – Manchester & Newcastle

Paris – indeed I covered the French city through its 20th arrondissements and the surburb – see Slideshare – and show here only the latest, i.e. 1000+, invasions. At the end of the page you can also have a look at the individual 20 arrondissements and Paris surburb.

Here are the most recent pieces , from PA_1200 by groups of 100

Here is a major update of Space Invader in Paris as of 2020, by arrondissement as well as the most recent invasions (PA_1200 to PA_1450) ‎

Paris’ Butte aux Cailles is famous for the diversity and richness of Street Artists


including the so much waited for 4000th invasion


Ile de la Réunion



San Diego

Sao Paulo

South West of France (Toulouse, Montauban, Pau, Contis les Bains)


Scribd gives more recent versions



Updated in 2019

and now Paris with its 20 arrondissements and its surburb:

2 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. Valembois

    Excuse my english…
    What a wonderful work you made with space invaders!
    Have you a map of the invasion of Paris? (a google map?)
    I’m looking for the mosaics since a lot of months, but it’s quite difficult… I found approximately 500 pieces!
    Can you help me?

  2. H

    Hello! Congrats for your amazing work. I randomly found your website but found it impressive. I have a question for you. Regarding IST09, do you know where it can be found? I have spent my day trying to explore different places but I couldn’t find it at the end. I have tried many things: street name tag, tiles on the floor, roof, markets.
    Thank you very much!


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