Banksy in NYC


An unusual post, as it has nothing to do with start-ups. Strangely enough, another one was related to New York City and Obama. I mention from time to time that entrepreneurs have similarities with artists when they want to have an impact. And innovation is an art, not a science.

I followed Banksy‘s work in NYC from time to time last month and spent the last week-end compiling what I could find. Feel free to have a look at the pdf, which contains his 31 October days with pictures, maps and links to other sites as well as my own Google map of its locations. You can also download the Powerpoint slideshow by clicking here. It automatically launches all audios and videos (but it might depend on the ppt version you have if any).

Click on picture to download pdf

And here is the map of Banksy’s journey.

Afficher Banksy sur une carte plus grande

PS: June 1st, 2014: a short video summarizing Banksy’s residence in NYC:

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