Start-Up on iPad-iPhone and Kindle

It’s done! I just made the book Start-Up available on both platforms, the Apple iBookstore for iPad and iPhone and the Amazon Kindle. I also checked bother versions so let me share with you a few things from the experience.

The process with Apple was the most painful (more in my next post). Is it because they have a higher quality control? I am not sure. The main difference is that you can click on the pictures with Apple whereas on the Kindle, I could not find a way to enlarge them. It is a weakness in my case given the amount of data in the tables. I also noticed I did not master well the tables of content for the Kindle…

There is also a small mystery, a mistake I may have made: both versions should sell at $9.99 but Amazon sells it at $11.99 and I have no clue of the reason why!

More about the experience of publishing an eBook in my next post!

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