LinkedIn files to go public

The much anticipated filing by LinkedIn was announced last week and I could do my favorite analysis, the capitalization table and equity structure of the start-up. My main frustration came from the fact that there is no information on the founders’ shares. LinkedIn has five founders and only Reid Hoffman shareholding is known. Wikipedia states that “the company was founded by Reid Hoffman and founding team members from Paypal and (Allen Blue, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Lee Hower, Konstantin Guericke, Stephen Beitzel, David Eves, Ian McNish, Yan Pujante, and Chris Saccheri).” Linkedin mentions them in its Founders web page. This just means their equity level is rather small… here is LinkedIn cap. table (assuming a virtual IPO date and price per share).

Another interesting disclosure is the full list of LinkedIn investors:

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