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I have recurrent questions about how to practically setup your start-up in Switzerland. Here is a guide recently published by the Swiss Innovation Agency (CTI/KTI): Gründen 2.0 – start-up guide – From an idea to an enterprise: information and tips for setting up a company in Switzerland (pdf file).

I’d like to add also the very good guide Olivier Ezratty manages for the French start-ups: l’accompagnement des startups high-tech en France (pdf file).

2 thoughts on “Start-Up Guides

  1. Lavonne Steptore

    The guidelines you contributed here are rather priceless. It had been such a fun surprise to have that awaiting me once i woke up this very day. They are often to the point as well as simple to interpret. Thank you very much for the clever ideas you’ve shared here.


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