Criteo files to go public

The latest French success story, Criteo, just filed to go public on Nasdaq. You can find all the details in the SEC F-1 document. I had tried to build Criteo’s cap. table, one of my favorite exercises, in What’s Criteo worth?


I was not too far from the truth. The numbers are different because there was a 2-for-5 stock split and probably other little things, I consider minor. You will see my cap. table again at the end (figure 3), but first here are Criteo’s impressive numbers (profit & loss – figure 1) as well as the current shareholder structure (figure2):

Figure 1 – Criteo’s P&L – click on picture to enlarge

Figure 2 – Criteo’s main shareholders – click on picture to enlarge

Figure 3- Criteo’s “old” cap. table – click on picture to enlarge

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