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Sweden and start-ups

As I mentioned in a recent post, I have spent a few days in Sweden where I discovered some features of the Swedish start-up scene. I was invited by Anders Gezelius who has a very interesting profile: a graduate of KTH – Stockholm with an MBA from Wharton, he worked Californie for Intel and then co-founded a startup which was selling accounting software. After the M&A of the start-up, he has gone back to Sweden where he runs Mentor4Research and Coach & Capital.

Here are the talks I made for:
– Stockholm Innovation & Growth: why do start-ups succeed or fail?
– Mentor4research: What we may still learn from Silicon Valley

If there is one interesting lesson that I also learnt from my recent trip to Boston (cf the MIT venture mentoring service), it is that the combination of mentoring and investing as a business angel may become more and more critical. Both are very much needed. Mentors may be seen as friends of entrepreneurs and give advice based on their experience. They may or may not become business angels who invest at an early stage in start-ups.

One of the best illustration of mentoring is given by the encounter of Steve Jobs and Bob Noyce when the Apple founder needed advice…