8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Peter


    What a great work. So sad you had to take down your map. It was great help when I came to Paris last time. What a pity people destroy such art pieces.
    I’m very interested in your invader excel file. Could you send it to my email address?

    Best regards

  2. Antoine

    Bonjour Hervé,

    Bravo pour cette mine d’or d’informations!
    Formidable boulot.
    Je serais curieux de savoir le temps que cela a pris…
    Mais quand on aime on ne compte pas! 🙂
    Serait-il possible de récupérer les fichiers Excels auxquels vous faites référence?
    Merci beaucoup!!

    Bien cordialement

      1. Antoine

        Elles seront entre de bonnes mains avec moi,croyez moi!
        Je peux vous envoyer quelques unes de mes photos ou mon classement sur flash invaders pour vous prouver ma bonne foi ! 🙂
        Je suis un adorateur,pas un destructeur

  3. Mark Hanrahan

    I just bought you book on Kindle. Great read and really like how you dug into the cap tables. Could you send me a PDF version? I have a hard time reading the cap table/ excel charts when reading on the app.

    Cheers and thanks again for your efforts and work


  4. Ruipeng

    Dear Hervé,

    It is realy good teaching materials for new startups. Thank you so much for your efforts to do this.

    I guess some of your readers are trying to build their own companies. Currently, we are running two startup challenges: one is the Nano Startup Challenge in Cancer (www.nscsquared.org/), the other is the SPACE RACE (http://www.space-race.org/). These are good opportunities for someone who want to practice in the real world. Both of them come with inventions which are ready for licensing to the startup, as well as plenty of VCs, Entrepreneurs, and Scientists as mentors and advisors. Please visit our website for more information.

    Thanks again, Hervé.


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