Bubble? You said bubble. Just read about it….

As I mentioned recently, a friend of mine gave me a collection of old Red Herring magazines. A funny byproduct of this gift is that I noticed that the number of pages of the Red Herring seemed to follow closely the Internet bubble. A decent number of pages before 1999, a peak in early 2000 and then a crash. I quickly did the exercise of comparing and here is the result!

2 thoughts on “Bubble? You said bubble. Just read about it….

  1. hlebret Post author

    Well I was not even aware that the Red Herring still existed as a paper version! Does it? Upside went bankrupt. I would need to do it for wired for example or similar magazines. At another end, the MIT technology review has suffered a lot and has now 6 printings only per year…


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