You can still go public as a web1.0 company: Homeaway and Kayak

I just had lunch with a friend-entrepreneur and we were looking at the big high tech winners.

– the 60’s was the decade of the Semiconductor and gave Intel,
– the 70’s was the PC/SW, with Apple and Microsoft,
– the 80’s was the Network with Cisco,
– the 90’s was the Internet with Google,
– the 00’s will probably be the Web2.0 and remember Facebook.
Of course, there is more from Fairchild to Oracle, 3com, Yahoo, eBay and Amazon.

Now what about the 10’s? For me it is not clear, I do not beleive enough in green/clean-tech but I see the smart management of data and apps, with the Cloud. But no clue on who would be the decade winner.

Now you can still go public as a web2.0 company has I mentioned in my post The Z IPOs: Zynga, Zillow, Zipcar and … Zuckerberg. But even better you can go public as web1.0 company. here are just two examples, Homeaway and Kayak. So I give you my usual cap. tables and a few comments.

Homeaway went public on July 5 and the stock is doing great. Once again you can see the ownherships of founders, managers, investors, independant directors. What is obviously carzy again is that the company raised $400M and has no profit yet. But this helps be to understand why Index supports HouseTrip, a company in the field, out of Lausanne and now based in London.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Next is Kayak. A travel company. Can you believe you can still have new companies in the field? Well this is the proof. Similar comments: check the equity of various players such as founders, managers, directors and investors. A lot of money invested but at least profitable. This one reminds me of another very nice Swiss start-up that deserves much more visivilty: routeRank. (I have no personal interest in routeRank neither in HouseTrip!).

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