Reid Hoffmann about Silicon Valley success: it’s not startup, it’s scaleup

In his introductory article about the course he is giving at Stanford, Reid Hoffman convincingly explains why Silicon Valley still leads in high-tech innovation: Silicon Valley is no longer unique in its ability to launch startups. Today, many parts of the world are rich in all of the necessary ingredients. There are bright young technical graduates from universities around the world. Venture capital has gone global. And, technology companies have R&D centers in many areas of the world. There has even been a global expansion of some of the more subtle elements such as a culture acceptance of the potential failure of bold ventures. And, the belief in entrepreneurship is spreading everywhere in the world — creating a receptive culture in many cities. So, why does Silicon Valley continue to produce so many industry-transforming companies? The secret has moved past startups to scaleups.

The full article is CS183C: Technology-enabled Blitzscaling: The Visible Secret of Silicon Valley’s Success. I have watched the 1st class. Here it is with the slides:

And here are a few things I liked:



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