Ten Ideas to Innovate in Uncertain Times

Following my post yesterday about Invention, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, here is a short presentation I made yesterday about the culture of innovation. I had already mentioned it in a previous post (without the slides) entitled Can the next google come from Europe? An answer by Fathi Derder. Derder, a Swiss politician, has written a book explaining what Switzerland needs to change in the general framework conditions. It is an important book. When I talk to students and young entrepreneurs, I focus more on the importance of culture. Which is what you can read in the slide below. Enjoy!

One thought on “Ten Ideas to Innovate in Uncertain Times

  1. Nicolas Marescaux

    Thank you for these insights Hervé,

    You can also watch Oussama Ammar (The Family) on Digital Transformation at EMLyon (in French) https://youtu.be/Qx7Zr-d2EAU
    – don’t evaluate ideas, evaluate problems : entreneurship is the meeting of a problem and a team
    – plankton does not negociate with a whale : a start-up can’t negociate with a big company, the big one should overcontract – not subcontract – start-ups
    – …




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