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I began this blog in July 2007, so more than 15 years ago. I began my professional activity around startups in September 1997, so more than 25 years ago. So many adventures, so many great moments. And so much book reading! I revisited these pages and did an exhaustive list of the books I could […]

Technology Billionaires in 2007

When Forbes published its list of billionaires, I tried to filter those who became rich through technology start-ups and I also tried to compare the USA and Europe. The following table is quite interesting. In Europe, it seems that only SAP created that level of wealth. Rank Name Country Wealth ($B) Origin Age 1 Bill […]

Book Content

The content in pdf (english version) Le contenu en pdf (version française) Is the world of start-ups misunderstood? This economic phenomenon of major importance, which appeared fifty years ago in Silicon Valley near San Francisco, seems to face scepticism and even suspicion. It may still suffer from the consequences of the excesses of the Internet […]