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The Art of Selling

I have never be good at sales. I am not sure why, but it requires either qualities or experience I do not have. Selling the book Start-Up was a good example! So when I had to organize a workshop on sales, I checked a few things including the following videos which I found interesting. Some are GREAT!

Steve Blank Engineers and Founders: The First Sales Team

Frank Levison Real Sales and Customers in Business

Just in case you missed the point: Businesses Must Have Customers

Dan Spinger: Negotiating with Customers and Clients

Guy Kawasaki Seed the Clouds and Watch the Sales Grow

Randy Komisar Exploring New Sales and Marketing Channels

Tina Seelig Classroom Experiments in Entrepreneurship

Last but not least, even if not really politically correct

Bob Parson : Build 3 Mega Million $$$ businesses