Venture ideas

I usually do not mention my activity at EPFL in this blog, but here is an exception. This week, I organized with venturelab the 10th edition of ventureideas, a conference where we invite entrepreneurs to share their experience. All the venture ideas @ EPFL can be found with the link on the name.

This week we had Rich Riley, Senior VP, Yahoo and Paul Sevinç, founder of Doodle and their talks can be viewed below. I am very proud of these events and of all the guests we had in the past. Let me just give you a few names:
– Pierre Chappaz, founder of Kelkoo
– Eric Favre, inventor of Nespresso
– Aart de Geus, founder and CEO of Synopsys
– Daniel Rosselat, founder of Paleo
– Marc Burki, founder of Swissquote
– Neil Rimer, GP of Index Ventures…

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