Apple Computer to acquire FontSelf?

Apple Computer should announce soon the acquisition of Lausanne-based FontSelf. In an usual move, the Cupertino-based company will acquire a stealth-mode start-up specialized in the design of fonts. It should be no surprise for those who know that the famous Helvetica font was created in Switzerland.

“Apple Computer is famous for its design and creativity so when we heard about FontSelf, we had a careful look, tested it and we were delighted. This is a great addition to our software and web applications” declared April Feel, head of Apple Computer Public Relations.

In 2005, at the commencement ceremony of Stanford University, Steve Jobs had declared “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. FontSelf shows that staying young and curious is a critical need of human life.


“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” Steve Jobs said. Yes it was an April Fool, but FontSelf is a great and beautiful tool.

3 thoughts on “Apple Computer to acquire FontSelf?

  1. Herve

    So do we read blogs and emails? About 90% of the people who read the news did not read it all or would have discovered it was an April fool… do we need do believe good news, are we naive? I am not sure. One said “Fantastic”. Another one added “we may complain again about another US acquisition of a European start-up”. All smiled when they checked again. April Feel should have puzzled. Well… it’s clear we still need jokes and dreams!

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