Start-Up in French on iPad and Kindle.

Following the digital edition of the English version of Start-Up (Kindle, iPad) last summer, I just did the same for the French version. More details on the page which lists all published versions in paper (English, French, Russian and maybe Italian soon) as well as digital ones.

I was wrong about the difficulty in producing an iBook for Apple. Thanks to an EPFL colleague, I learnt I did not have to use complex editors such as Calibre (and then do a lot of manual corrections). I just imported my Word file into Pages eand then converted it in the ePub format. It then took Apple 8 days to validate the content.

2 thoughts on “Start-Up in French on iPad and Kindle.

  1. Marcie Santai

    The Kindle has several features that could best be described as… cool. My eyesight is fine, but I can choose the font size that suits me best. Likewise, I love the text-to-speech feature. A big frustration in my life is that I can’t work on my embroidery (I’m a dinosaur, remember?) and read at the same time. Now, I can have the Kindle read to me while I stitch. Yes, it’s sort of tinny and mechanical, but it’s still a really nice option to use occasionally. In addition to reading published books, I read a lot of unpublished manuscripts. It’s not uncommon to see me schlepping around 600 pages of loosely bound paper. The other day I had the amazing experience of forwarding an email with a manuscript attached to my dedicated Kindle address. Within seconds, the entire MS was in my Kindle, formatted and ready to go. Amazing! I can even make notes on the MS in the machine.


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