Going public when you are not a US start-up – part 4/4: Baidu

Baidu ends my small series of non-US start-ups. What is interesting is that there are some anecdotal differences. At least for the European ones, it was not an easy adventure with many tough financing rounds. Alibaba was not totally clear. Now Baidu…

As a first word of conclusion, the value creation of the two Asian companies is much larger than the European ones. It might be linked to the fields (Transmode and Envivio are more in the high-tech infrastructure, where as the two Chinese companies are internet services). It might also be the perception of different dynamics in both continents…

Baidu was founded by two Chinese citizens, Robin Yanhong Li and Eric Yong Xu. Li “went to SUNY-Buffalo in the US to study computer science towards a Doctoral degree. He received his Master of Science degree in 1994 after he had decided to discontinue his PhD program work” (Wikipedia). Xu “received his Ph.D. degree from Texas A&M University, post-doctorate from University of California at Berkeley, and his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biology from Beijing University. Dr. Xu was also a candidate of the Stanford University Sloan Masters program”. (Bio on Bioveda Fund website).

Baidu is quoted on Nasdaq. Is there a link between the background of the founders and/or the fact they have investors such as Draper, IDG and Google? (Remember that Alibaba has Yahoo as a major shareholder – even if the relationship was quite tensed recently).

PS: I may come with a fifth story soon, an Indian startup quoted on Nasdaq I read about just yesterday…

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