Space Invader in Paris

A very short post about Space Invaders in Paris. Up to now, more than 1100 ceramics have been created, most of them destroyed by the way.

In September 2014, I began to compile data about Paris. From time to time I add more info about them. Here are pdfs files about specific arrondissements:
the 1st,
the 2nd,
the 3rd,
the 4th,
the 5th,Preview Changes
the 6th,
the 7th,
the 8th,
the 9th,
the 10th,
the 11th,
the 12th,
the 13th,
the 14th,
the 15th,
the 16th,
the 17th,
the 18th,
the 19th,
the 20th
the Surburbs
and also the 1000+ Paris Invaders. All of them are also available on Slideshare.

If you are interested with my excel file with 1000+ entries, just ask me! Below is / was my Paris map. However, I got a message from the Invader team in June 2015. They complain about the high rate of destruction of their works and asked me to hide as much information as possible about the location the Invaders. My maps are therefore now private and my pdfs much less informative. Sorry for this and good luck to those who look for them just to shoot pictures…

Following this message and after my full compilation, I did a few stats, which I will let you discover if you are interested:




9 thoughts on “Space Invader in Paris

  1. ID

    Le PA 157 existe toujours, je l’ai flashé il n’y a pas longtemps. Il était caché sous le lierre, et il vient d’être coupé.

  2. jin funato

    hello! im from japan i got your tokyo map to find a lot of space invader. thank you.

    now my wife niwako funato and two kids niko funato and nino funato are in Paris to find invader.

    they are going to request about paria map.
    i hope you can show them the map of the space invader in paris.

  3. Mallory Middaugh

    Hi! My husband and I are invading enthusiasts who operate under the name “trevader” on flash invaders. We are heading to Paris to try to discover as many as we can in the Mecca! Can we have access to your Paris spreadsheet to help aid in our journey?? Thanks so much for your efforts and any help you can provide us! We promise to keep the info private.

  4. Shawn Lin


    We don’t have invaders in Taiwan, I only captured a few when traveling to Tokyo, now I have the plan to visit Paris this March, and have been searching invader locations online, would you please please share the map with me 😀

  5. allison

    was very sad to travel to Brussels and Amsterdam and find invaders missing leaving sad spots of glue on the wall. Wish i could have scored a few points on my travels. Hopeing to catch up now that i am back in Paris and hope to get going with a map that will help!

  6. Antoine

    Heading to Paris soon, hoping to gain access to your map so we can find some invaders!
    Your work and dedication is insane!

  7. Sara Din

    Would love access to your map, my husband and I are invaders living in NYC and visiting Paris next week. Thanks in advance for all of your work and research!


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