Unicorns file to go public: Snap & AppDynamics

Two unicorns – start-ups valued at more than $1B – filed to go public these last weeks:
– Snap, Inc. the company famous for its SnapChat service.
– AppDynamics, a probably less famous IT company (but known here in Lausanne for acquiring EPFL spin-off BugBuster).

I publish below their cap. table (to the best of my abilities) as well as their quarterly revenue and loss over 2015 & 2016. (Data are compiled from the S-1 SEC documents)

AppDynamics will not go public as Cisco announced it would acquire AppDynamics for $3.5B. Snap’s IPO remains to be seen. I will let you have a look at data and build your own opinion. On the profit & loss data, I am still surprised to see companies filing to go public with losses which remain high, abd without a clear decrease. Of course, their revenue growth is impressive!

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