Silicon Valley 2018 : The Libertarians Have Replaced the Hippies

While Trump and Harari were in Davos, I visited Silicon Valley for the nth time. Even more than during my last trips in 2014 and 2016, I could feel the gap that has been created between the Silicon Valley that I discovered and loved in the late 80s and the one that exists today (and that I still love).

As one of my interlocutors mentioned, the Hippie generation – which Leslie Berlin describes in her Troublemakers and which until Brin and Page tried to democratize technology – has been replaced by the Libertarian self-interest of social networking that even Reid Hoffman will have a hard time to balance (see It’s time to change the culture of Silicon Valley). The skyscrapers climb in San Francisco, the poor had to leave or live in tents all over the bay, the venture capital funds do not perform as one might think, the unicorns might disappear one after the other, it takes 3 hours to drive from Berkeley to Palo Alto at 6am, one finds more founders than entrepreneurs according to Leslie Hook, and even Steve Blank is looking at a little less at startups and focuses more on innovation of government organizations.

This is a bit the “Querelle des Anciens et Modernes” and I am not sure Steve Jobs would pass the baton to this new generation when he said in 2005 [death] clears out the old to make way for the new. Some think that Silicon Valley is reaching its limits, but AnnaLee Saxenian said the same thing … in 1979. Will we live old enough to have the answer?

2 thoughts on “Silicon Valley 2018 : The Libertarians Have Replaced the Hippies

  1. Erwan

    It is a bit unfair to blame the poverty and housing crisis in the Bay area on libertarians. Those issues are the byproduct of an inefficient and corrupt local government as well as obsolete zoning policies propping up the real-estate market to insane levels. Neither of those things were enacted or benefits libertarians. If you need to point fingers, or need answers, take a quick look at what party has been holding power for the past sixty years. See, San Francisco is not exactly a libertarian city.

    1. Hervé

      I did not say the Libertarians had fired the poor from Silicon Valley… but I said SV had chnaged, not for the better, maybe because of corruption – but this is your argument….


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