Data about equity of 600 startups – comments (2)

Second post of comments on (updated) data on 600 (former) startups, about (what I think) are interesting or intriguing results.

After venture capital in the first post, here are elements about founders.

The 600 startups gave me data about 1016 founders, al though there is an average of 2.3 founders per startup. I did not have the age of all of them, neither their role or ownership. The average age is 37.9, the median is 36. (This is age at foundation, I added this after a comment I received on April 9, 2020).

The following figures show some striking results about the age related to fields: founders are much older in the health-related fields, much younger in digital technnologies. It is more than 45 in biotech and 43 in medtech in comparison to 33 in software and Internet.

2 thoughts on “Data about equity of 600 startups – comments (2)

  1. Rail

    Great series of posts! Is this an age of founders @ the moment of IPO?
    Could you please do the analysis on age of founders @ the moment of founding the company?

    1. Hervé Lebret Post author

      This is the age at foundation, which is I think relevant. What is missing though, is the fact it may not be their first startup. On average, I have data showing it is 36 years for the 1st one: I have a paper about this.


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