Time and Space Maps of Silicon Valley (in the 80s)

I had published in the past genealogies (time maps) of Silicon Valley startups and venture capital. Here they are again: Genealogy of Silicon Valley startups (1957-1986) Genealogy of West Coast Venture Capital (1958-1983) But there have been other (“artistic”) maps, strangely in the 80s also. Here are three similar versions from 1983-1986. Maps of Silicon […]

Silicon Valley will soon be 65. Should it be Retired ? – The Darwinian Dynamics of the Region

Silicon Valley will soon be 65. 65? Yes, I usually say that the region began its growth with the foundation of Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 (even if the name itself was created in 1971). The region is increasingly criticized for both good and bad reasons (see for example here and there) and perhaps it is […]

The recent invasions

Munich in April 2023 Fontainebleau in March 2023 Ile de la Réunion in December 2022 Potosi in 2022 including the so much waited for 4000th invasion Rennes second wave – May 2021 Ljubljana second wave – March 2021 Marseille – August 2020 Djerba – November 2019 Versailles – May 2019 for the 12th wave

Gandhi and Technology, according to Bertrand Jarrige

A second post about the excellent Technocritiques – Du refus des machines à la contestation des technosciences after that one: Techno-critics according to François Jarrige. Jarrige surprises me by giving Gandhi‘s views on technology. Fascinating. I (in Fact Goodle translate was a great supporting tool…) translated his full account that you could read in French […]

Notes on the Rainforest by Hwang and Horowitt

I must thank here first Bogdan Ceobanu from the European Commission. After spending a few hours discussing the challenges (and opportunities) of innovation in Europe, he sent me his copy of The Rainforest – The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley by Victor W. Hwang and Greg Horowitt. Bogdan is one of the leading […]

The business of biotech – Part 3: Genentech

I should have begun with Genentech this series of posts about Biotech (see part 1: Amgen or part 2 about more general stats). Genentech was not the first biotech start-up, it was Cetus, but Genentech was really the one which launched and defined this industry. All this really began with the Cohen Boyer collaboration. Genentech […]