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Space Invader in Tokyo

Summer is not the season for start-ups, news is rather thin, with the exception perhaps of the GoPro IPO. I also use this blog to talk from time to time about street art and in particular of Space Invader. I also found an indirect way to discover a city, physically or virtually, is to start looking for these ephemeral works.


Japan has always been an attracting place for me, so I became interested in what the artist has done there. There are dozens of photographs online, some maps, so I made ​​my own synthetic work in pdf format. [Other examples of SI fans in Tokyo include Nalice_Malice or True2death.]

Here is an updated version (May 2015) of my pdf file with more images.

I still have to make the actual discovery … Latest topic, Invader has launched its application for smart phone, Flash Invaders. It is perhaps this slight argument that will change my device!


Street Art @ EPFL – the end

I walked again on EPFL campus and after my first discoveries that can be seen on Street Art @ EPFL – or not Street Art? here are my final pictures. First the final result of two pieces (whch I had shown as work in progress).

Edgar Mueller and his site Metanamorph



Truly Design Studio and their site Truly Design








finally three new works created near the new congress center:

3D Joe&Max and his site 3djoeandmax

Sylvain Meyer and his web pages on artnet.ch


Daniel Schlaepfer and his site www.dschlaepfer.com


Street Art @ EPFL – or not Street Art?

EPFL is organizing a really nice exhibition of Street Art on the occasion of the inauguration of its new convention center. If I ask “Street Art or Not Street Art?” it’s because in general Street Art is an unauthorized form of art. But that does not diminish the charm of the works and the quality of the artists. Readers of this blog may ask where is the connection with start-ups. There is none, but I love this topic as you can see by following the Street Art tag. All this may be ephemeral. It is a work in progress so enjoy the days to come… Here is the link of the exhibition Art On Science.


Leon Keer and his web site Streetpainting 3D



Work in Progress…

Zebrating and his web site Zebrating-Art



Work in Progress…

Edgar Mueller and his web site Metanamorph
Work in Progress…

Truly Design Studio and their web site Truly Design
Work in Progress…

Maybe more to come if more appears… I also noticed other icons in a similar style, but not belonging to the exhibition. Two invaders

My colleague Pascal who knows so much about EPFL explained me that these nice little invaders were created for a 2010 exhibition. Here is the link Objectif Science – 2010 and the full collection


and a few more.

Finally some real Street Art?

After Banksy and Invader, Pully’s Mirror Mosaic Man…

What is fascinating with Street Art is that you might not be aware of it but when you begin to see it, it does not stop appearing in front of your eyes. After following Banksy in New York and then discovering Space Invader’s work in Switzerland (Lausanne, Geneva and Bern), a colleague mentioned to me the poetic mirror mosaics in Pully. I spent a few hours walking around and they blossomed everywhere!


The beauty of life also comes from chance as Paul Auster artistically expresses it in his novels (check The Music of Chance). While I was taking a picture of one of these mirrors, someone behind me asked “So you like my snail?”. It was “Mirror Mosaic Man”. We had a short chat. I mentioned Space Invader in Lausanne and Pully’s artist told me I should contact Pierre Corajoud who publishes very nice little books about walks around Lausanne. Pierre Corajoud had indeed published a small booklet about Invaders in Lausanne. I thank him here again for offering me a copy because unfortunately, many works have been destroyed or stolen after its publication and Corajoud took his book out of the shelves. A pity! I hope the mosaics will not disappear… Here is the map though.

Afficher Mirror Mosaic Man on a bigger map

Finally here is a pdf document with all the works I saw or found online. But the best is to go and find them directly on site!

also on Scribd:

Bern Space Invaders (and in the Rest of the World – including Paris, Basel, Ravenna…)

A very short post which is a complement to Space Invaders in Lausanne and in Geneva.


Space Invaders arrived in Bern in 2000 and for those passionate by his work and close to Switzerland, he was also in Basel in 2013 and Anzère in 2014…


Here is the map and you can also have download my pdf which includes what I have found so far… An update will come when/if I go to Bern!

PS: I went to Bern on June 15, 2014. A strange coincidence étrange is that I finished reading that day La Vie mode d’emploi by Georges Pérec. I thought then that Bartlebooth is a kind of analogy for Street Art and its fans… I just updated also the pdf above and here are the ones which survived after nearly 15 years. Another coincidence: they are 8 surviving pieces out of 29, similarly to start-ups where 50% still survive after 5 years and about 25% after 15 years…


PS2: from time to time, I add chapters to my Space Invaders discoveries. Here is a synthesis essentially based on the artist site and using other passionate data: SpaceInvaders around the World (pdf – 8Mo)

You may find in other posts data about Lausanne, Geneva, Basel, Grenoble, Brussels. In September 2014, I began to compile data about Paris. Here are pdfs files about specific arrondissements:
the 1st,
the 2nd,
the 3rd,
the 4th,
the 5th,
the 6th,
the 12th,
the 13th,
the 14th,
the 15th,
the 16th,
the 17th
and also the 1000+ Paris Invaders. Below is my Paris map.
You will find more recent Paris data here.

In October 2014, I followed in invasion of Ravenna. Here is what I found on line: Space Invaders in Ravenna.

Space Invaders were also in Geneva

It was tough not to add the Geneva invasion by the Space Invaders after the one in Lausanne (After Banksy in NYC, Space Invader in Lausanne). But this one is far from perfect, many images are missing and I did not take the time to go on site.


Still, you can download my pdf compilation of what I found online as well as a Google map of the places.

Afficher Space Invader Geneva sur une carte plus grande

After Banksy in NYC, Space Invader in Lausanne

Another post which does not have much to do with my favorite topic, start-ups. But after discovering Banksy’s work in New York, I saw his movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. A very loose link is Space-Invader, another street artist, who appears in the movie. Another loose link is that Space Invader has produced some work in Lausanne where I work. So I looked for his invaders and the result is that attached pdf: Space Invader and Spaceramik in Lausanne (Note that it is a rather large 24Mb pdf document)

An unidentidied Lausanne Invader

I am far from the first one to do this. For example Alain Hubler blogged about it in 2007 and helped me in finding the final place I was struggling with (thanks!) And I nearly know nothing about Street Art. But it was fun to look for his work.

As a strange coincidence Xavier Delaporte on French Radio France Culture had an interesting chronicle last Friday about our new ways to walk in the street in the Internet Age, Les nouvelles façons de marcher (avec nos outils numériques) This is just another example!

Space Invader, just like Banksy and many other Street Artists, remains anonymous. He has his own web site, www.space-invaders.com. He has his fans like Monsieur Chat who follows his production in Paris and many others who put pictures of his work online. Unfortunately, most of the work has disappeared, either the buildings have been destroyed, or the art has been stolen and/or replaced by others. There is also a second artist, Spaceramik, who put his own video on YouTube. The picture I put above might not be from Space Invader neither from Spaceramik, hence the term “unidentified”.

A final point here is the Google Maps of Invaders in Lausanne.

Display Invaders in Lausanne directly on Google Maps

PS: (February, 8, 2014) Pierre Corajoud and Space Invader
Pierre Corajoud is famous in Lausanne for publishing very nice little books about walks around Lausanne. I learnt through Mirror Mosaic Man that he had published such a booklet about Space Invader in Lausanne. I thank Pierre Corrajoud here again for offering me a copy of his book because unfortunately, many works have been destroyed or stolen after its publication and Corrajoud took his book out of the shelves.


PS: (December, 24, 2013) A year of Street Art

Banksy in NYC


An unusual post, as it has nothing to do with start-ups. Strangely enough, another one was related to New York City and Obama. I mention from time to time that entrepreneurs have similarities with artists when they want to have an impact. And innovation is an art, not a science.

I followed Banksy‘s work in NYC from time to time last month and spent the last week-end compiling what I could find. Feel free to have a look at the pdf, which contains his 31 October days with pictures, maps and links to other sites as well as my own Google map of its locations. You can also download the Powerpoint slideshow by clicking here. It automatically launches all audios and videos (but it might depend on the ppt version you have if any).

Click on picture to download pdf

And here is the map of Banksy’s journey.

Afficher Banksy sur une carte plus grande

PS: June 1st, 2014: a short video summarizing Banksy’s residence in NYC:

Supporting creators: what VCs really are.

If you have the opportunity to visit VC firm Index Ventures in Geneva, you may see the following:

I had a closer look, was allowed to take the picture and learnt that the Index partners have four such “pictures”, one for each meeting room which has the following names: Frederick Terman, Ahmet Ertegün, Ernest Rutherford and Leo Castelli. What do have these very different people in common? In their own activity, they were the best supporters of “creators”, of “talent” and contributed to the success of people they supported. What ever critics may say, great venture capitalists help entrepreneurs in their success.

It was striking for me to discover this the week I published my post on the Black Swan. In particular, I quoted Taleb when he talks about creation: “Intellectual, scientific, and artistic activities belong to the province of Extremistan. I am still looking for a single counter-example, a non-dull activity that belongs to Mediocristan.” and later “You not only see that venture capitalists do better than entrepreneurs, but publishers do better than authors, dealers do better than artists, and science does better than scientists.” (I can add that gold seekers made less money than the people who sold them picks and shovels.) This is not fully true, one should probably add “on average”.

It’s not the first time I see connections made between scientists, entrepreneurs/innovators and artists. I am convinced of the similarities. It was the second time only that I saw a connection made between academic mentors, publishers, art dealers and venture capitalists. Interesting… I think.

PS: if you click and enlarge the picture you my recognize the pictures, read the names of famous start-ups, Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Oracle, Yahoo and probably lesser known Stanford University motto “Die Luft der Freiheit weht” I had used as an introduction to Chapter 2 of my book about Stanford start-ups.

Art and Technology

Before coming back to my favorite topics and as a conclusion to a rainy summer, let me mention two artistic projects where the Internet, new technologies (and the fact they are cheaper, easier and as the same time high quality tools) have a huge impact. But more importantly, these are beautiful projects with a lot of creativity.

I discovered the first one last week. Playing For Change is a magnificent way of revisiting music charts and connecting people. Click on the picture and discover the new versions of famous songs. My favorite is probably #40, Redemption Song, but I did not have enough time to listen to all of them.

With a similar inspiration, David Lynch [in fact his son] has travelled through America for his Interview Project. Short videos describe the USA in as convincing a way as any economic or sociologic analysis.

I hope you will take the time to try and hopefully enjoy as much as I did.